Swim Program

Introducing Swim Tangaroa!

Swimming is a skill for life.

Swim Tangaroa is a swimming and water safety program for children and adults. With water safety and stroke development the main priorities, students' success is driven by qualified teachers who focus on providing an environment that enables students to fulfil their swimming potential. 

Implementation of this high-quality, activity-based educational program is designed to better integrate student learning outcomes into real-world settings, offering students the opportunity to:? 

  • Gain maximum participation and practice time in activities that encourage, mentor and support the learning process where they are active for most of the lesson 
  • Be empowered to think, discuss and decide through experiential-based learning where mentoring, guidance and challenge encourages them to use and enhance their knowledge, skill and understanding? 
  • Learn and understand essential components of personal survival and water safety elements while concurrently developing a strong and effective swimming technique 
  • Be supported by professional, qualified teachers as they progress through the curriculum. 

Our Philosophy

Our program is designed to encourage and assist our whanau/families to develop Swimming and Water Safety skills through participating in a variety of fun and safe activities in the water. 

Our levels are given names of sea life that live and thrive within Tangaroa. As your child grows and develops new aquatic and water safety skills they too will grow and thrive within our program. 

Swim Tangaroa encourage the use of Te Reo Maori within our lessons. Although lessons are predominantly taught in English, our qualified and experienced teachers are provided with new kupu/words and phrases to use throughout lessons.

“Kaua e whakama ki te korero Maori, Ahakoa he iti, he Taonga”  

“Don’t be shy to speak Te reo Maori, even a little is a gift” 

Our Swim Tangaroa Whanau are committed to giving the skill of learning to swim as we believe this to be a skill of life. 

The Curriculum

The curriculum covers seven areas of learning that are combined and presented as activities to enhance student development. Key learning areas include: 

  • Entries and exits
  • Floating and sculling
  • Movement, propulsion and stroke development
  • Personal survival
  • Underwater skills
  • Rescue and emergency
  • Water safety knowledge

These areas are combined and presented as activities to enhance student development. 

The Program

The Swim Tangaroa program is offered in three levels, Pepi (Infants), Tamaiti (Preschoolers) and Tamariki (School-age children to 14 years) and an adult program. Swim Tangaroa consists of levels based on age and swimming experience, allowing children to work their way through the levels and progress into a recreation or competitive Squads. 


Swim Tangaroa is an inclusive program,?providing people of all ages and abilities the opportunity to participate in swimming lessons that are fun, engaging and rewarding. Both 1:1 and group lessons are available and tailored to the individual’s needs. 

Students are encouraged to gradually integrate into group classes where suitable to their needs, to ensure enhance social interaction and inclusion. 

Active World App

The Active World app is a tool to enhance a child’s swim experience as they learn to swim. It is a new platform and app for swim schools to improve communication and engagement between swim schools and parents.? 

It's also designed to engage children on their swimming journey, making the process fun, rewarding and confidence building as they improve their swimming skills. 

Key technology features of Active World App include: 

  • Self-managed personal portal
  • View upcoming classes
  • Book new classes
  • Advise of your non-attendance and book make-up lessons
  • Track learning pathways and progression
  • Receive digital awards for effort, teamwork, perseverance and having FUN! Including, receiving video messaging from the Australian Dolphin Swim team
  • Send and receive messages to the Centre staff
  • Manage personal and billing details

The goal is to put the fun back into learning to swim and keep swimmers loving our sport for longer. 

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