Tobruk Memorial Pool helps celebrate family memories

Pictured: Marjorie (centre front) and her family reunite to relive the joy of her mother’s last gift to them – a family day out at Tobruk Memorial Pool in 1967.

Marjorie Earl held a family reunion – the first in 20 years – to commemorate the 50th anniversary of her mother’s passing at Tobruk Memorial Pool last month. Pam McKenzie-Earl (pictured inset) raised seven children in Cairns on her own, including Marjorie who was her eldest child.

“Money was extremely tight back then,” Marjorie recalls. “Taking a family trip to the local pool was unheard of.”

“One school holidays, Mum took us for a day out to Tobruk Memorial Pool and we were so excited.”

Marjorie played in the wading pool with her youngest siblings and the entire family relished this rare opportunity and had a great time.

“I remember how happy Mum was to see us having a lot of fun,” she said.

That night, Pam fell into unconsciousness and passed away two days later on 24 August 1967. Marjorie was only 12 years old.

“The reason we chose Tobruk Memorial Pool for the reunion is because that’s where Mum took us before she died. It was our very last day with her and it was her last gift to all of us,” Marjorie said.

In a message to Tobruk staff last month, Marjorie said, “You all helped us recreate the joy we experienced all those years ago. Thank you.”