Belgravia Foundation established to boost health and wellbeing outcomes among Australia’s marginalised communities

Australians living with a disability or who experience disadvantage are set to benefit from Belgravia Health and Leisure Group’s latest philanthropic initiative, Belgravia Foundation. 

Belgravia Group Executive Chairman and Belgravia Foundation Founding Patron, Geoff Lord, said he is committed to creating opportunities for everyone, regardless of ability, culture, or physical or financial ability. 

“People who face financial hardship, distress, inequity or other barriers will be able to get help from their local Belgravia Leisure operated venue,” he said. 

“One of Belgravia’s objectives is to impact the lives of a million kids per annum and this initiative is a further step along that path,” he said. 

The Belgravia Foundation will raise money to fund programs and services to help communities in need, in the catchment areas where Belgravia Leisure operates. 

Belgravia Leisure currently manages over 200 venues and partners with over 40 Local Government Authorities across Australia to manage publicly-owned aquatic, fitness, sports and recreation facilities. 

“Raise locally, spend locally is our mantra and this will guide how we raise money and how we spend it,” Mr Lord said. 

“All money raised by a local community is reinvested back and remains in that community, even in the event that Belgravia Leisure transitions out of a facility.” 

In addition, national projects funded by corporate partnerships and grants will be scoped to support the Belgravia Foundation and its purpose. 

The Belgravia Foundation will be led by Chief Executive Officer, Associate Professor Jeff Walkley. Dr Walkley is also Belgravia Leisure’s National Disability and Diversity Manager, currently leading over 60 Inclusion Coordinators to deliver Belgravia Leisure’s award-winning access and inclusion program across Australia. 

Mr Lord said Dr Walkley’s passion to advocate for the most vulnerable members of our communities is making a real difference to families across Australia. 

“His work and programs have received national acclaim and I am proud to have Dr Walkley take the helm of the Belgravia Foundation, a role I am confident he has the drive, experience and capability to succeed.

“I am also delighted to announce Alex Lord as Chairman of the Foundation, whose executive sponsorship will support Dr Walkley’s vision to ensure everyone has access to a healthy and active lifestyle,” he said.

Belgravia Foundation’s charitable purpose is to: 

  • provide programs, services and education that promote access to leisure, sport, aquatics, recreation and fitness activities in community facilities to promote the relief of poverty, disadvantage or distress among people who experience disability, poverty, inequity or denial in access to an benefit from involvement in programs and services that contribute to quality of life, health, social harmony, social connection, public welfare and community participation. 

The Belgravia Foundation is a registered public benevolent institution charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission (ACNC), with deductible gift recipient status with the Australian Tax Office (ATO).